Friday, January 30, 2015

Yet Another Project

Remember my broken fishing rod?  MHX agreed to replace the broken blank and the new one arrived today.  I just ordered all the stuff that it takes to build the replacement rod.  I'm still out the cost of all those parts, but the worst loss is the time it's going to take to redo it.   Hey, it should go quicker, right?  Learning curve and all.  Plus, a chunk of the time last go 'round was building the fixtures to do the work. I still have those.
The last one, just before epoxy coating.

Work on the guitar body resumes this weekend, too.  Interspersed with lots of other things.


  1. What do you hope to catch with that rod? Red Snapper, kingfish? Those were two we used to catch when I was stationed down at the old Boca Chico Naval Air Station (now Key West Naval Air Station, I believe).

    We also used to catch our own bait - big shrimp on the edges of the keys to the north, at night with a flashlight and a net.

  2. What do you fish for in your area. When I was stationed at the old Boca Chica Naval Air Station (1970) we used to hit the bridges for red snapper and kingfish.

    We also caught our own bait, going out at night with flashlights, scooping up buckets full of shrimp right on the shoreline.

  3. Sorry for the near duplicate. Problems with my "net provider. And it was Boca Chica, not Chico.

  4. Boca Chica - "Girl's mouth" - been there several times, although not since about '74, I think.

    This area is transitional between the tropics and the northern migratory species. We get bluefish from up north, but not striped bass. Stripers seem to stop around Jacksonville or Daytona. We get the kingfish you were catching - king mackerel, and their smaller cousins, spanish mackerel, Over the summer, some cero mackerel up from the keys show up around here.

    The main targets inshore here are redfish, snook, and sea trout (speckled sea trout). Flounder are plentiful this time of year. Tarpon are around all year, with bigger ones along the beaches. The biggest trout in the state have been caught in this area. Likewise, we get some pretty big redfish.

    I haven't been offshore in 25 years, but there are lots of snapper and grouper species like you find down south. Cobia, amberjacks, sails, dolphin and other offshore gamefish, too.

    There's quite a bit of shrimping in the Indian River lagoon system, too.

    What do I fish for? Anything that'll hit. I release most of them anyway.