Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Preserving the Dignity of the Office - Part II

If you don't understand this, you're probably mentally healthy by today's standards.  (WARNING: An actual description of the actual acts that inspire this cartoon follow.  Those with delicate stomachs may lose their meals.  You have been warned.)  See, this YouTube star who interviewed the president, GloZell, did a video where she put on bathing suit, filled a tub with milk and Froot Loops, immersed herself in the tub and ate the cereal.  Its depicted at the upper right on the wall. 

1 comment:

  1. The office of the Presidency hasn't possessed any dignity since 2008, when McCain refused to challenge an ineligible Marxist who threatened - one of the few times he told the truth - to "fundamentally change America".

    Bowing to the potentates of third world countries. treating with our enemies as friends, and making enemies of our friends, burying his nose in the nether regions of muslims all over the world, ignoring both the Constitution and the rule of law, committing treasonous acts (aiding and abetting our enemies), weakening our military, and demonstrating to the world his contempt for America and all it has stood for since 1776.

    His actions and his lying words have made a mockery of the office. Now, in choosing to honor a Fruit Loop individual and snubbing the leader of the only republican("democratic" ) country in the Middle East, he simply is going "all in" as the worst, most incompetent, most ignorant, racist, and foolish person to have ever Occupied the White House.

    Too bad he is incapable of seeing himself through an adult set of eyes. A normal person would die of shame if he understood how much of the world laughs at him.