Saturday, January 24, 2015

Preserving The Dignity Of the Office

(Chip Bok)

I think it was Rush who was asking (to use my words), "in what universe does this make sense"?  I've often wanted to ask Obama what color the sky is on his planet; this just makes the question more pressing.  Apparently he's reaching out to ... someone.  The youth vote?  The YouTube fanboi vote?  And why would he even be reaching out for votes in the first place, since as he so pointedly reminded us, he has no more elections to run?  Trying to be the King Maker?    


  1. You've surely seen the movie "Idiocracy"... President Camacho in mom jeans. I guess 'ol Glozell could have been floundering around in gatorade.

  2. Obama destroyed the dignity of his office years ago. He's just pissed because he doesn't want to appear to be supporting Israel in any way.