Sunday, December 18, 2016

Our Little Tree is Up

Our little tree is up and I think we're fully settled into being ready for the holiday. 
It's a skinny tree, but we have a small place and not a ton of room.  From where I'm typing right now, the tree is just a little farther from my left shoulder than my keyboard.  (At the bottom left of the tree, you can see Aurora, the designated cat-in-charge of that part of the house)

Story time: we've been buying our trees from a local Boy Scouts troop for as long as I can recall.  Over the years, I've run into two different guys I worked with whose sons were selling those trees.  We got their annual email, printed out their coupon and took off about noon-thirty to go get a tree.  The boy scouts weren't there.  I have to assume they sold out and shut down, but that has never happened before.  That's a complication.  Since we knew where we were getting our tree, we both have a tendency to be blind to things we don't need.  "Where do we get a tree?"....  "I don't know". 

Within a few minutes we both remembered seeing another dealer about a mile south of where the Boy Scouts were.  We walked up and instantly saw this tree. 

We're going through a warm spell here and it was about 85 when we went out shopping so I was wearing my red Ruger "100% American Made" tee-shirt.   As we're paying for the tree, the girl says, "I like your shirt".  All I could think to say was "Ruger?  Good stuff".  She agreed.  Her partner, the guy who helped get the tree ready, said, "Her dog is named Kimber".  We all laughed, shared a few more gun jokes, wished each other Merry Christmas and then went on our way.  I wonder how many blue-city, trigglypuff snowflakes would go apoplectic over a Ruger tee-shirt or that whole exchange.  (seriously, don't go to that link  Especially guys)  If they understood it.  Gotta love small city Florida.


  1. When we decided to move the Christmas tree to the high ceiling back room, we changed up to a plastic 12' tree. We added a dimmer because of the amount of flight diversions caused by the tree's blaze of light.
    And did you ever notice that the statement, "We are both intelligent adults," is always followed by a story that proves the opposite.
    The 12' tree has five subsections, and obviously each section is smaller in diameter as you go up. Last year, we finished the assembly, (ladders are required as we are both vertically challenged) and stepped back to admire our work. You know that puzzled look your dog gets when it sees something it cannot understand? Picture two supposedly intelligent adults as that look slowly creeps across their faces. Now image what the tree looks like when you swap two sections during assembly. It would have been a lot easier to fix if we had not fully fluffed and arranged all the branches. Sigh.
    One of my ballcaps has the AR boltface logo and even in Philly I will get the occasional big smile and a nod.

  2. We have a Dachshund named: RuGrr.

  3. Your "little" tree looks beautiful. Merry Christmas!

  4. I didn't believe you about the link, I'm ruined for at least a few day's.