Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The World Isn't Complying With Me

One of those nights where I bite off a subject and don't get as far as I wanted.  So - attempt at humor:

Everyone who cares realizes the SpaceX launch was scrubbed in the last few minutes due to the weather refusing to clear up.  They'll try again Saturday at 3:22.  Which is just as good from my standpoint; I wouldn't have seen a second of the launch.  I watched the live stream on SpaceX and turned it on when Doug and Bob were arriving at pad 39A in their Teslas - both with a license tag that read ISSBND - ISS Bound. 

There was a brief interview with Chris Cassidy, currently the ISS Commander.  He pointed out something that I somehow failed to think of.  This isn't just the first launch of astronauts from the US since 2011.  It's the first new, manned spacecraft in the US since 1981, when the first Space Shuttle Mission Launched.  Almost 40 years. 


  1. I had the broadcast on the Discovery Channel, and went to make a "GO SPACEX!" post on a site, and when I got back to the TV they were talking about detanking.....HUH??

    Missed it by *that much*, Chief!

    Fingers crossed for Saturdays launch. I think the LV is as good as they can make it, so hopefully no problems getting off the pad.

  2. There are so many firsts in this whole launch.

    First to not make US astronauts passengers on a foreign ship.

    First to use a non-NASA designed space suit.

    First to use a commercially available system.

    And now, first commercial manned space flight delayed by weather.

    Still 1,000 steps ahead of Boeing, Virgin Galactic, NASA and Orion, or anyone else.

    Hope things go well on Saturday.

    And maybe in a year or two, we'll be doing this over Starship.

    1. I am looking forward to that last thought of yours Beans. Seeing an actual picture of a man rated Starship docked to the ISS would be fantastic. NASA, though, will be a big speed bump in the road on the way to that.

  3. This SpaceX doing it too! Boeing couldn't find the space station...

  4. ~cough~

    SpaceShipOne 2004


    A suborbital manned space flight is still a manned space flight.

    1. Thank you. I clearly forgot that.

    2. I think Cassidy said "manned orbital spacecraft", but I may be mistaken.

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