Monday, December 28, 2020

Clap For The Covid

Sung to the tune of Clap For the Wolfman because it has the same rhythm.  Now that I've implanted that ear worm...

In the most bizarre news story of at least the last 15 minutes (hey, it's still 2020 after all) we find that Covid-19 is being blamed for a particularly nasty strain of "the clap:" gonorrhea.  The New York Post covers the story, H/T to Twitchy by way of PJ Media.
The unnecessary overuse of antibiotics during the coronavirus pandemic has created a rise in drug-resistant strains of super gonorrhea, according to a new report.

Azithromycin, a common antibiotic used to treat chest and sinus infections, has been used during the pandemic to prevent co-infection of hospitalized coronavirus patients and to treat inflammatory symptoms of severe infections.
“Overuse of antibiotics in the community can fuel the emergence of antimicrobial resistance in gonorrhea,” a WHO spokesman told the outlet, noting that azithromycin was used for COVID-19 treatment earlier in the pandemic.
Covid-19: is there nothing it can't do? 

I have lots of issues with this story.  The big summary is that it's just more fear mongering.  There is not one study cited to justify the claim, not even the associational "he who" studies that are the bulk of all the junk science in the press.  They didn't say anything like Covid patients treated with azithromycin were more likely to have antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea, and at least that makes some sense.  They presented no data whatsoever, except that there's more of this "super gonorrhea."  So frickin' what?  There could be reasons not even remotely related to using antibiotics to treat Covid-19.  Don't forget, there's this thing called coincidence, too.  

Besides, think of a Venn diagram of the sets of people who are fooling around with anyone they can find regardless of how sick they are and the set of people who are being treated for Covid.  How big do you think the intersection of those sets is? Who do you think comprises that intersection?  As a rough guess I'd say there aren't many 80 year old nymphomaniacs in nursing homes.  I can't say for sure, but I bet if an ICU nurse walked in on a patient hooked up to a ventilator having sex with anyone, that would be the stuff of legends in that hospital. 

(iStockphoto of a petri dish culture of something or other, used by the NY Post.  You know they meant to use a scary looking picture for their scary junk article.  Judging by the accuracy of the rest of the article, this is probably a cell culture of cucumbers)

There.  I saved you the time of reading this so I could make fun of the study.  Just doing my part to be a full service blog.


  1. "Covid-19: is there nothing it can't do? "
    1. to begin with, it appears to have performed a miracle: it's cured the flu
    there are very few deaths from flu this year.
    2. Viruses have been known to infect bacteria I wouldn't be all that surprised
    to learn that we now have several super-bacterial infections floating around
    3. The following question might get me banned from several sites, but I would
    like to know if anyone's been keeping tabs on our compromised (AIDS)
    community and how their COVID death rate's been running

    1. The Immunocompromised, from AIDS/HIV, to those who have had organ transplants (one has to suppress one's immune system so one's body doesn't ever reject the new body part - something they never talk about on the tv shows and movies that deal with transplants - oh, sure, corneas are okay, but to keep a kidney or a heart or liver or a lung you need to forever suppress the immune system...) to those living on the streets to those using recreational pharmaceuticals in an unsafe manner, you know, the very people you'd think would be stacked up like cordwood by the Covidiocracy, well, aren't.

      Get that? A Virus soooo powerful it's supposed to reap nigh unto everything isn't powerful enough to whack the immunocompromised.

      If Covid was really what they said it was, we wouldn't have a huge backlog on the transplant list, or large numbers of AIDS patients, or illegal drug users or urban outdoorsmen or even people with really crappy allergies.

      Covid is only dangerous if you're really friggin old and stuck in a building with a lot of other really friggin old people with basically poor care and bad ventilation (ifn you're not running your commercial HVAC air through a chlorine bath, then you're encouraging the growth of lung pathogens like Legionaire's and TB.)

      But, no, only the genetically susceptible and the very ancient (in poor health and bad environment) are the ones croaking from Covid, which the CDCs now tell us is only 6% of the listed Covid deaths.

      My mother, 92 years old, had Covid-Covid. Said a bad cold was worse. Just took out her sense of taste for a week and a mild fever. Glad she's not living in a nursing home or old-folks home, where all the misery is concentrated.

    2. I know a sometimes-homeless person in your town. Many months ago I asked him if he was seeing the homeless people being wiped out by covid, and he reported 'no'.

    3. My understanding of the lack of HIV positive deaths due to the Wuhan Clap comes from a friend/neighbor who is an infectious disease specialist. According to him, those who are compliant in taking their meds (they take them as directed), usually have immune systems that are boosted beyond that of us ordinary mortals. But that particular demographic, doesn't have a very good rate of compliance. I'm not sure why, but he also said that the boost can wax or wane depending on various factors. So there's that.

      What I really don't get is why there's little to no reporting on how homeless camps are being wiped out by this Dempanic. Why, it's almost as if those living in close proximity, with substandard access to masks and hygiene are unaffected, but... but... that obviously CAN'T be it! Everyone knows that this thing makes you bleed from every orifice just from being around an asymptomatic infected person, right?

  2. Good article, good comments.

  3. -- As a rough guess I'd say there aren't many 80 year old nymphomaniacs in nursing homes. --

    But Si, where would you be more likely to find 80-year-old sex addicts? The predator's got to go where the prey is, don't y'know! (:-)

  4. There you go SiG, talking common sense again.

    Actual data, this time from Los Angeles County, shows the leading group of the hospitalized in county hospitals - not dead, but those sick enough to require admission to the hospital - from Kung Flu, are 18-49 year olds.
    Not those 65+.

    Second place? 50-64 year olds.

    The reason, besides that this isn't just an old people's problem, is because there aren't as many people 65+ as there are in the other two sample groups.