Saturday, December 5, 2020

I Can't Keep Up With These Guys (SpaceX)

Monday's probable test hop of Starship Prototype Serial Number 8 has been moved up to tomorrow (Sunday, Dec. 6) between 12 and 6 PM CST.  There is a "reported but unconfirmed" report that the flight will not be to 15km, but 12.5km, or 8.1 to 6.7 nautical miles.  To me that's a subtle difference that I don't think I'd notice without instruments to tell me.

This morning's Cargo Dragon flight to the ISS has been bumped to tomorrow at 11:17 AM EST.  While not rainy, we're under just about 100% cloud cover, so the delay is fine by me. 

If you go to YouTube to watch, it's easier to come back later than to go backwards in time and come back earlier.  Easiest of all is to watch YouTube for word of the flight having happened and then watch the replay.  Launch watchers always assume that launch can be delayed, like this morning's, but I never expect them to move forward in time. 


  1. I've never been on one that was moved up this close to launch. There were times when the launch was a few weeks out, and they bumped it up one day, but never during "Launch Week".

    Probably easier to do if it's not going out of the atmosphere, otherwise there's a stack of paperwork and a ton of notices that have to get processed and sent out.