Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Where Do We Go From Here?

Some of you know one of my favorite gripes about the political class is that none of them ever seem to think one move ahead, and certainly never two.  Nobody ever seems to think, "and then what happens?"  Nobody ever thinks about how the world will respond to their new laws.  

From what I've seen, there's no doubt that the election was rigged.  Bill Barr actually told the truth when he said there was "no widespread voter fraud."  The whole point of what they did was that it didn't need to be widespread.  All they had to do was siphon off some votes from Trump and give them to Biden in a few key states.  This is exactly what was reported a month ago in that video by Dr. Shiva of MIT, and now appears in the Antrim County security report being talked about today.

As I understand it, here's what Dominion did.  In Michigan, for example, they took the results by precinct and skimmed "excess" votes for Trump and gave them to Biden.  Let's say it was a precinct that voted 85% for Trump.  They skimmed a percentage, let's say 30% and gave them to Biden.  The amount of votes they moved to Biden depended on how much he led by; the more votes there were for Trump the more they stole while not changing the precinct's overall decision; Trump still won the precinct, but elections aren't really run by precinct.  The end result was they skimmed so many votes that it swung the state.  In the handful of states in question, it swung the nation.

Obviously, that's no software error, no "glitch:" it's a carefully implemented software algorithm.  When people point out the results are statistically impossible, or that they violate Benford's Law, they're referring to the results of these changes.  As the report from Antrim County by the Allied Security Operations Group, LLC,(ASOG) (the whole pdf) says:
The allowable election error rate established by the Federal Election Commission guidelines is of 1 in 250,000 ballots (.0008%). We observed an error rate of 68.05%. This demonstrated a significant and fatal error in security and election integrity.
Lawyers like to talk about whom the damaged party is, and that's a good question.  The easy answer is Trump was damaged, but in a very real sense, anyone whose vote was moved was also damaged.  I think the argument could be made that damages go beyond the states where the Dominion systems were used.  Like the suit by Texas and 28 other states said, voters in other states were also damaged by votes being negated in the Dominion systems.  As the president has authority over all 50 states, anyone that voted for him and didn't get him in a free and fair election was also a damaged party.  I shouldn't have to say this, but losing like this is different from losing in a fair election. 

Where do we go from here?  Unless the voting system in this country is completely reformed, there will never be another free and fair election.  The vast majority will never trust voting again, unless I misread people.  I am not a lawyer, let alone a constitutional lawyer, but there is no Federal authority to do the first thing about that; it's left to the states, specifically to their legislatures, and you've got to believe the states that cheated not only wanted their systems so they could cheat, they'll fight to keep it that way.  (Arizona might be an exception)  Further, whom do you trust to clean up the elections in all 50 states?  The swamp creatures in DC?  The FBI - the same agency that led a four year long coup against the sitting president?  I've heard several times that the election monitors we send to foreign countries would never accept this one at home; how do we get other countries to clean up?

Part of me is saying that this is only different in degree from previous elections.  Remember how many times people have talked about some phrase like, "the margin of fraud."  Think of Al Franken but there are lots more.   Now that the fraud has been computerized and made adaptive (the reason for the late night delivery of more ballots), I don't see how anyone can ever overcome the margin of fraud.  Does anybody trust these hundred million dollar US Senate runoff elections in a state that already cheated?

If states don't voluntarily clean up their acts, and I don't believe they will, I can envision attacks by "white hat" hackers, or relentless software bots programmed to attack exposed electronic voting systems and destroy them - or enhance their cheating.  That might incentivize the manufacturers to keep their machines off the Internet, which might make it harder to implement their cheating.  I expect that Dominion is monitoring what's being said about their algorithms being detectable by statistical inference and working on ways to make them less detectable.  Think of an electronic arms race as what happens if there are no reforms to the election systems.  Electronic measures, electronic counter measures, counter-counter measures, and so on.

It's tempting to say the Republic is dead.  If nobody trusts going to the polls anymore, how do we continue?  Everything from secession to open warfare is on the table.   Where do we go from here?

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  1. I'm tempted to say it's time to spit on our hands, hoist the Jolly Roger, and start slitting some throats, but that would mark me as a .

    I'm expecting massive civil unrest coming soon, and if Biden is sworn in, open warfare to erupt this summer.

  2. I have friend who responded, "well, we'll just fix it next time."

    Fix what? The systems are operating exactly as designed.

  3. The 2nd Amendment exists for precisely this reason. If blatantly stealing the Presidency and daring anybody to do something about it is not cause, nothing ever will be.

  4. The term I'm using, no matter which side "wins" the election, is Civil Insurrection. The Conservatives, as well as those former liberals who don't want to see a Venezuelan-type Socialist government in the U.S., are now primed (and armed) to resist the Antifa and BLM "Brown Shirts" backed by a highly biased media: think Kyle Rittenhouse.

  5. "Everything from secession to open warfare is on the table. Where do we go from here?"

    Open warfare, since you asked.

    Nothing less will suffice, and absent there, there's zero incentive to stop or change what we have.

    We may or may not get there overnight, but after 12:01 on 1/20/2021, there's no reason not to begin getting there. My hunch is the operative phrase in the long run will be "rivers of blood".

    Either at the gibbets, or in the camps.

    I'm open to counter-argument though. Let's look at the Soviet Union, the PRC, Cuba, Cambodia, VN, and Venezuela for insight.

    With those options, I figure the sooner we start shooting the bastards and stringing up the ones too fat to get safely away, the quicker we can back out of the morass into which we've blundered.

    Anyone who makes it to exile should be allowed the same peaceful life the Israelis granted to the Palestinians from the '72 Olympic Massacre.
    If wild animals and feeding the culprits to pigs while alive are involved, so much the better.

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  7. Much of our "social contract" between each other at every level, whether interpersonal, local/state government, national or international, can be boiled down to the simple single word of "Trust."

    Our contemporary erosion through indifference and direct bad actions of that basic building block is no longer offset by the noble rebuilding of trust by good actors and actions.

    What trust we had in social contract was already withering, and now has been completely uprooted & smashed by a stolen election.

    Truthfully while the mechanisms and some of the bad actors are being revealed to us, who the power brokers are who are calling the shots that have massively destroyed our notion of trust remains conjecture.

    Perhaps we will never fully learn, much less hold accountable, those who pull the strings.

    Perhaps that doesn't even matter as much as accepting the reality check that our national social contract of trust has died.

    Rightfully the next important imperative step is something more than putting ourselves into a Don Quixotesque quest looking for the scoundrels. Until we identify those who do hold constitutionally-true and God fearing values we cannot build a new trust.

    The "trust breakers" of hidden puppet masters, foreign states, the Mainstream Media, the Social Media/Tech moguls, much of the Democratic Party apparatus, RINOs, an impotent & irresponsible SCOTUS, and the most scurrilous of all the fence sitters of the GOP who stood by while the final embers of Trust were put out, are now doomed to live in their trust-less world they created by destroying trust. With trust destroyed they can only deal with themselves in a shared malignancy.

    Much of the resounding success of the Trump administration came from rebuilding trust. Trust between nations led to normalization between nations that had never before considered acting together in concord. A regained trust in government reversed the outsourcing trend putting new life into small businesses and the economy. We again had trust that a person could succeed by virtue of their own work, and our minority populations gained employment setting new records. America First was all about regaining our national trust in ourselves.

    Many of us learned much about the personal version of trust, “confidence,” as we relearned the truism that prosperity has its origins in one’s labor & efforts.

    If the election remains a stolen election, we cannot let that trust in ourselves to wane.

  8. We do need to find a way to identify the trustworthy, and reaffirm our commitments to trust in a meaningful way.

    That effort to identify the trustworthy will have to be taken in the face of a continued trust destructive onslaught from the same bad actors, including open calls for violence. Remember if you feel seduced by a call to violence that these bad actors care less if we bastions of trust are incarcerated or killed, as their only goal is prevent a trust based coalition from standing in the way of their plunder. Do not sacrifice yourself in the cheap exchange with these bad actors.

    The games these bad actors are pushing the trust-keepers towards can only be won by not playing the game in the first place!

    Where do we go from here?

    A limited amount of the trustworthy can emulate the John Galt ideal of withdrawing to communities of the likeminded trustworthy, though most of us have neither destination or ability to “Go Galt.”

    Most of us will face living a period of extreme distrust.

    As individuals we have our sphere of influence where by example we can remain beacons of trust.

    We must carefully vet other’s reliability to be trusted and reaffiliate with the trustworthy. As a warning, we cannot presume that those who may have been used in the process to destroy our aggregate trust to on a personal level be untrustworthy nor can we presume any trustworthiness from those who refused to take an effective stand during the destruction of trust. Largely we can continue to monitor & verify the demonstrated trustworthiness of those who battled with us against the destruction of trust.

    As much discord has been sown by actors purporting to stand for trust while actively working to destroy trust. We must work to distance ourselves from these turncoats.

    If the Trump victory is recognized this distancing can take place gradually by replacing the turncoats one by one.

    If the suppression of the Trump victory continues except to see the emergence of a viable constitutional-sound new political party based on trust, which we should support. This new political movement will give Americans a true second party, rather than imagining the different faces of the “Mono-Party” represented by Democrats and Republicans as somehow other than equally in cahoots.

    We should continue to cleanse the organizations and levels of government we have personal access to, clearing them of the untrustworthy. This likely will include recognizing that in parts of lives we have little choice but to have some association with the untrustworthy, which we should further divide into “trust building projects” vs. the truly corrupt.

    If the rightful winner of this election remains in office, we should show our support and push for more successes.

    Regardless of outcome if we give up championing the principles of trust, we are deservedly forfeit.

    Stand tall, living as true as examples of the trustworthy!

  9. I suspect / hope it will go like Gerrymandering which is named after a democrat. The dems do it first, but when the republicans get good at it, they'll start winning again and then the Democrats will complain about it, just like they do Gerrymandering now.

    Same with the Nuclear Option that Cocaine Mitch (who I think is a national treasure) get's beat up about and the mass "court packing" that republicans are doing now. This Nuclear option changed the confirmation rule from needing 60 people, or a supermajority, to just 51 votes.

    What's good for the goose, is good for the gander.

    Likewise, Dems are good at Ballot Harvesting, and laws allow it. Republicans need to get good at Ballot Harvesting.

  10. This isn't the first stolen election. It's just the first one we noticed. All of those deep red states mysteriously going blue over the last few decades? Think of that again in light of the mechanisms we have uncovered.

  11. I didn't sign any "social contract". I'm not committed to a contract by the circumstances of my birth, because that would mean I was born into slavery. Anyone who says otherwise isn't worthy of trust.

    1. Dude - it's a figure of speech. Nobody signed a document.

    2. it's a figure of speech

      It most certainly is not a figure of speech. With a non-fake contract, the concrete details about who/what/when/how/why all exist and can be pointed to: 'On Monday while sober adult Sam Cityslicker agreed to buy a cow for one ounce of gold from Farmer Frank'. If I do the "signing" by clicking on a web site, it's still a concrete act done at a definite time to indicate consent about a particular deal. Whereas, with a "social contract", no one can point to concrete and specific facts of what I agreed to pay, what I agreed to get, or how and when I agreed. The reason the concrete details of "social contracts" can't be found is they don't exist; all claims of political legitimacy are fraud.

    3. Petty squabbling about terminology. As Lysander Spooner indicated, should any citizen of the U.S. feel bound by the U.S. Constitution? None of us signed it.None of us were there when it was being discussed , decided, and debated. But we treat it much like a contract, because we were born here or naturalized. Unfortunately, it's a contract the federal party seems inclined to ignore when it's in their interest to ignore it.

  12. Lots of good stuff here. Too much for me to go through point by point, but by all means keep it up.

  13. There are three things needed.
    1. Put the source for any voting software on the net where it can be inspected.
    2. Have configuration management so someone can swear in court that the software that was published is what was used.
    3. Establish a chain of custody for any election artifact used.

    Most companies have a way to verify what software was used in a product.

    1. But ... election systems are not within the jurisdiction of the federal government; its state by state, city by city, county by county. What makes you think that the states and cities that historically commit election fraud have any interest in changing their systems?

  14. "It's a republic, if you can keep it...."

    Apparently we can't.

  15. secret service is still loyal. have them tap certain key patriots like rand paul and the delegates from the 21 states and exile delegates from split states like va./nc/ga , tell them to meet in kansas, set up a govt in exile, nuke washington. start over....okay, okay no nukes but you get the idea. gotta make a clean break from the swamp and call fire on it. no way to clean it up.

  16. Anyone stop to think that those votes are probably time-stamped and possibly correlated to a specific voter? Maybe not but it's feasible.

  17. Define "widespread".... There was probably 150 million votes cast. If only 10 million of them were fraudulent then you can say with a straight face that cheating wasn't "widespread". But 10 million votes fraudulently counted in strategic locations is MORE than enough to alter the outcome.

    Barr has ALWAYS been a swamp creature. I have NO idea why Trump EVER appointed him. There is absolutely zero question that the left committed vote fraud on an epic unprecedented scale. There is zero question that Biden did NOT win and should NOT be made POTUS. But we now live in clown world where up is down, light is dark and only the conservative right can ever be guilty of any crimes. Technically Trump still has a theoretical avenue of action to keep Biden from being sworn in. The odds of that happening however are rapidly becoming akin to winning Superlotto. And the odds that the America I grew up in dies are becoming a certainty. If you aren't ready for the coming festivities then you better get ready damn quickly.....because hell for most of us is right around the corner.

    1. Widespread is irrelevant. It only has to happen at a few key places to have devastating impact. It's like blowing a bridge ... place the charges correctly and it doesn't take that much.