Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Day Interrupted

We lost our internet connection about 3:45 this afternoon.  It was out about four hours.  I had gone outside to watch the SpaceX Transporter 2 launch at 3:30, which had been delayed a half hour due to some showers moving through.  We didn't see a thing but the sonic booms from the booster slowing down to land up at the Cape were awesome!  Watch the video at least the part around the booster landing (between 22:30 and 23:50).  There's some outstanding photography in there - views I've never seen. 

When we came back in the house the internet connection was down.  We called our ISP to report an outage closer to 4:00 PM and they said there was an extensive outage in the area.  They predicted it would be back by 6:30, but that was optimistic by a full hour.  

It thoroughly messed up my train of thought and where I thought I was going.  As usual for when something like this happens, here's something light - a gun meme from the NSSF.  

 Maybe I'm old, but I've read a couple of reviews that this reminded me of.


  1. Yeah, always wondered when the review said something like "and the company gave us 5,000 rounds to play with so the gun is good" and "got the gun from the company with no extras so it's a bad gun."

    Yes, I am exaggerating, but not by much.

    Then again, gun writers are "I'm all for concealed carry as long as you attend 4 training sessions a year at XYZ firearm academy and it will only cost you $20,000 a year. Anyone serious about carrying should be responsible and pony up the money. Oh, me? Well, BFG firearms paid for me to attend class this year."

    And, again, not exaggerating much. Sadly.

  2. "The car wasn't designed by John Browning, and therefore it's bad and you should not use it."

    "This car uses the wonder material called "Polymer" and that makes it better and you should buy it."

    "This car has headlights and an holographic dash display. You should buy it because electronics are good, and don't give one thought to the fact that it won't fit in any known garage."

    (If you study language roots, you can easily figure out that "polymer" translates to "Ocean Parrot.") :)

    I don't think it has anything to do with getting old, I think it has everything to do with having the skill of critical thought.


    The gun review piece reminded me of an old Road&Track cartoon where two guys are driving up the coast road, and they notice a bunch of cars being pushed off a cliff. Guy one says "I wonder what that's all about", and guy two replies "Oh, It's just Consumer Reports testing cars again".....

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  5. I took a lot of crap for asking the question, "what are you testing FOR with these endurance tests?"

    Especially when I pointed out that nobody, but nobody, is packing 1,000 rounds for their EDC.

    It's just that guns got better and virtually all of them can survive shooting all the ammo you're willing to have on you without a hiccup.

    The gun writers have to justify their existence to the people at payroll somehow, I guess.

    1. They start with the reasonable idea that your gun has got to be reliable and dependable, then they just go too far in the wrong direction.

      My first small 9mm was a Taurus PT709. That thing was so fussy about what it would reliably shoot that I just never got comfortable with it. Then my wife got one and hers was just as fussy, but wouldn't cycle the JHPs mine would shoot reliably and mine wouldn't shoot what hers was happy with. That made it hard to keep track of magazines and we had to make sure the right magazines tracked the right gun and never got separated.

      It has been a while since I shopped for a gun, but to me that's at least as important as being able to fish it out of a mud puddle and have it work.

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