Friday, June 4, 2021

Things No One Else is Saying

Perhaps it makes more sense as a question.  How about phrasing it as, "why is no one else saying this openly?" 

Exhibit 1, Steve Kelley, Creators Syndicate for 5/28/21.

Item 2, with apologies to anyone who happened to read my comment on Gun Free Zone about the administration's responses to the attacks on (as Jen Psaki called it) "Private Sector entities."  Edited slightly.

The thing nobody’s talking about is that both of these cyber attacks – an oil pipeline and a meat processing plant – are the targets of the Green New Deal. That is, targets of the American Left.

Can’t get gas for your car?  Prices too high?  If you were driving an electric car you wouldn’t have that problem would you? Plus, you wouldn’t be hurting the environment by producing that CO2.

Can’t get meat?  If you were vegan, you wouldn’t have that problem would you?  Plus, you wouldn’t be hurting the environment with all those cattle putting out methane.

Coincidence? Sounds more like the Democratic Socialists of America than Russia.

Gee... this couldn't be another example of, "you never want a serious crisis go to waste," could it?  When you think about it, that's the most benign interpretation.  The more direct interpretation is that the DSA and whoever works for them in the Innermost Sanctum of Joe's "Handlers" are paying for attacks on that infrastructure so the can take over all those private sector roles. 


  1. We've crossed the line, and the sheeple fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

    This is NOT going to end well. I'm predicting a long, hot summer....

  2. The observation is stunning. But since the attackers are purportedly a Russian based criminal syndicate, are we to think they are paid operatives of the Biden regime, CIA, Deep State or even George Soros ? I think so. The CIA is not and never has been a white hat. Their connections to organized crime are deep and wide. Their cyber abilities are also world class. And we know the CIA is filled with Obama worshipping Woke heads, Marxists, and haters of the American experiment. The CIA ran drugs to buy weapons in the Iran-Contra affair decades ago. Could they be involved in the pipeline and meat producer incidents. I would bet on it.

    Links for those who were babies at the time of the Iran-Contra affair

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    2. I agree with you with this exception:

      Perhaps your choice of examples is unfortunate, as it seems to me the CIA really were the White Hats with their involvement in trying to destabilize the worst terrorism benefactor the world has ever seen and using the proceeds to fight the Nicaraguan Communists.

      It is also interesting that you cite as sources the media mouthpieces (such as pbs) of the very organizations you deride.

      Must be the "New" Logic that accompanies the new math.

    3. Stuart,

      Are you suggesting the sources I chose published lies or misleading information? I did not choose the articles based on the source, but on the contents. You are entitled to your own beliefs, but facts of CIA’s operations stand for themselves. And you are free to search the net as I did and learn of CIA’s expolits published in the public domain.
      As for the effectiveness of the CIA fighting global Communism I would grade them an F. Today there are card carrying Communists in Congress, and most certainly Maxists throughout our government. When the State Department flies the Communist BLM flags below the Flag of the United States, it signals there are Communists in the White House as well. I could go on about new math but this is not the purpose and forum Si Greybeard chose and graciously permitted us the right to comment.

  3. If you think things were hard for the soldiers of the Spanish Civil War look at what happened to the civilians. Troubles coming guys. Might want to figure out work arounds when the electricity grid is erratic AT BEST.

    S-Greybeard got a generator you can power with out gasoline friend? You seem to have the skill sets to do it.

    Many other resilience ideas can spring to mind aside from mixed up sexual perversions eh? If your a good neighbor and don't harm children your bedroom antics don't bother me much.

    Just random thoughts when things get weirder.

  4. I don't hear much pro-America coming out of the White House since the communists rigged the election.