Saturday, July 8, 2017

Tell Me About Your Favorite Ballistics Phone/Tablet Apps

That's right, homies, it's info bleg time again:  I'm looking for a better ballistics program to carry with me to the range: either on my phone or my tablet.  I'm in the Apple universe (iOS).  Hopefully, we could collect info on everything available so that maybe other people will get utility from this post and not just me.  You might have noticed that in the list of the most read posts in the right column, that my most read post ever was a little post called "A Little More About .308 vs 7.62x51", and was a follow-up to an earlier post that is apparently hardly ever read.  It would be great to be as useful to other people as that post.    

Within the last couple of months, I got a link to this "11 Best Ballistics Apps for Every Shooter" from some email list I'm on (probably Guns & Ammo), but I find it's almost three year old information.  All of the apps have probably been updated by now. 

I have the Winchester app on my phone, and despite it's limitation to only Winchester-branded factory ammunition, I've used it to get "close enough" to hit the paper and then make adjustments from there.  Aside from that, I'm just looking around to see what else is out there and what might be better.  It's hard to split this task between online and portable application, but I'd like to be able to have a calculator at the range that allows me to change the conditions or the load I'm using.  Hornady has a cool "4 DOF" (Four degrees of Freedom) calculator that's free to use on their website, but there doesn't appear to be a portable version of that.  Naturally, it's based on Hornady's bullets. 

Federal Premium also has a free online calculator, too, and allows you to enter customized information or use their factory loads.  Nosler, and Berger both have an app that's centered on their bullets, but I haven't gone down a list and checked all the manufacturers.

In the realm of the iPhone apps, Applied Ballistics has an app that seems to be good, as you might think from a company with their pedigree.  Work by their chief ballistician, Bryan Litz, has been cited as a source in other apps in that "11 Best" collection, such as Shooter, and Ballistic App.  As usual, the ratings on the iTunes store are fairly useless; this time because most of the apps don't have enough reviews to have a rating posted.

So how about it, dear readers?  Any input on which one of these is the one to get?  Is anyone more popular among readers? 
The Ballistic App, advanced edition. 

By the way, it appears these apps have been targeted by the anti-gun nuts.  Most of them are rated for users over 12 or over 17.  The description of those ratings don't seem to describe anything about a ballistics app.  For example, the "12+" category says, "Apps in this category may also contain infrequent mild language, frequent or intense cartoon, fantasy or realistic violence, and mild or infrequent mature or suggestive themes, and simulated gambling, which may not be suitable for children under the age of 12"  While I don't own any of these apps, I can't see any of the things they warn against in a program that does math for the user.  


  1. I tried the Nikon Spot on App on an Android phone. I thought it would be a good match for my moderate price range Nikon scope.
    But if you tried adding in the windage calculations part of the app it would just crash.
    I am running Android Nougat 7.0 on an LG phone.

  2. I can't get to my app store on my phone. I hate the fact that it requires personal information so I gave it fake names and that took awhile until I found something it would accept. Then it wanted a password. I tried "idontcare" but it said that was already taken. A few more tries and they were all taken. Then it suggested I use 8 random letters and numbers. Seriously who remembers 8 random letters and numbers? I already have passwords I can't remember. I get a news letter every month from my retirement but since I had to choose 8 random letters and numbers I have no idea what the password is so I can't read it. Seriously a password to read a newsletter AND it must be 8 random letters and numbers!!?? Why? Why would they care what my password is? I'm not sure I will ever get my app store to work.

    On a related note I got a new "smart" phone. It already has 911 (and 112 I think) in the contacts. I guess I'm stupid or something but what the hell is 911 doing in contacts? Isn't it easier to just type in 911? Anyway I figured I want to remove it soI wouldn't accidentally call it, I tried. But when I selected it to remove it the damn thing accidentally dialed 911. So I quickly hung up and now I have no clue how to delete 911 from my contacts. This phone is too smart for me!

    1. I feel your pain. Lately, I've been using KeyPass, a free password manager that generates and manages tons of very strong passwords. It has its strong points, but the weak points include not being able to put it on my phone. That I know of.

      There are ways to make a portable installation on a USB memory stick, but the phones won't take USB drives, either.

    2. I use Password Safe on my phone. It's an Android app, but there might be an iOS version. I like the fact that it manages my passwords, and that's all - no monitoring, no features that phone home, just a simple encrypted database.

  3. I use JBM Calculations - for figuring out what a round may do going outbound. It has helped me to see how bullets fly to the selected zero point. Makes it easier to determine the correct height above the bulleyes for a 25 yard target.

    2 cents worth.

  4. I have 4 ATM cards and each of them have the same password. I like simplicity. Why shouldn't I be able to make a simple 4 digit password even if it is the same as someone else's password? As for apps and other ways to manage complex passwords it seems to me to be a way to get deeper into the weeds. I confess that years ago I would write my passwords on my ATM cards. That was before the option to create your own. I truly do not understand why:
    the APP store needs my name or why it cares what my password it. It is a free app they want to give it away. I still don't have it and for all intents and purposes I have given up.

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