Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Deal Alert - Sog Snarl Knives

The SOG Snarl, is a 4.3" LOA, 2.3" blade length, 1/4" thick stainless (9CR18MoV) steel knife  They sell it as neck or boot knife, a BUK (back-up knife), if you will.  Comes with a nice fitting plastic sheath and a blackened chain.  The sheath has a metal belt clip on it that fits 1-1/2" belts.  I just learned about these knives last week and after an hour or so of research ordered two: one for the Diminutive But Deadly one and one for me. 
Last week, I found prices in the $29 range at Midway, a little more at Brownell's, and bought the two for $23.38 (each) at Amazon.  Yesterday and today, Amazon has dropped the price to $16.89.  That's a deal! 

While I doubt it would affect cutting ability, I noticed that Mrs. Graybeard's knife (luck of the draw from our box of two) was ground asymmetrically.  The V was the right included angle but not centered on the blade.  The ground length on one side was half as long as the other.  The blades were sharp but still showed lots of marks from the grinding.  I sharpened both, and was able to easily reshape her knife, on the Work Sharp knife sharpener.  Even without putting on the finest belt, the Work Sharp puts a shiny edge on a blade and they just look sharper than one with grinding wheel marks.  

I think it's usable out of the box, though, so don't get wrapped up about my sharpening them (when you have sharpener, every problem looks like a dull edge, right?).  If you're looking for a small gift, or just watching prices to buy something for yourself, they're definitely worth considering. 


  1. With visions of sugarplums and the words "THE PRICE DROPPED" dancing in my head I pushed the button.

    Thanks for the information.

  2. OT, but I understand there was an insightful review of the BCSO on their Facebook page yesterday. I understand it has since been removed, but that the initial response was "significant" and supportive, so the original post should be available on Facebook if anyone is interested...

  3. Some years back, CRKT manufactured a similar mini-neck knife called The Ringer if I remember correctly. Several designs, clip, guthook and a ripping talon design. If you want a small blade but aren't happy with a warncliffe blade shape, that CRKT may be an option. Can still be found on ebay and knife web sites.