Thursday, December 28, 2017

One Hundred Racist Things

While Fox news host Tucker Carlson is enjoying time off the air, presumably back after New Year's, last week he provided his Twitter followers with a list of One Hundred Racist Things.  If it ever appears to you that every day some idiot spokesperson somewhere comes forth with a declaration of something innocuous being racist, it's worth looking at this list.  We know it's an incomplete list because that link is to something racist that's not in the 100.  From a link to Vanderleun, who linked to Waka Waka Waka, which I must say is a place I've never seen before.  For your amusement, some of them...
17. Mathematics. (See also here.)
18. Science.
19. Yale requiring English students to study Chaucer and Shakespeare.
20. All white people.
21. Proper English grammar.

36. Apu from The Simpsons.
37. The white nuclear family.
38. Algorithms.
39. Artificial intelligence.
40. “Jingle Bells.”
49. Expecting people to show up on time for things.
50. Cartoons of frogs.
51. Nostalgia.
52. Soda taxes.
90. Diabetes.
91. Climate change.
92. Accurately describing criminal suspects.
93. Pollution.
About 1990, my project leader at Major Southeastern US Defense Contractor had a saying that has stuck with me.  When faced with illogic like this, he'd say, "there's just no arguing with that kind of logic".   Anyone who would think like that is immune to logic.  Which must mean I'm racist.

I got this graphic from a commenter to Tucker Carlson's original feed for the article. 


  1. Yes, sadly it's all racist.

    Ok, what's for dinner? It's Kwanzaa...anybody for friend chicken and watermelon?

  2. Only 100 items? He mustn't have tried very hard ...

    Phil B

  3. I find myself at a loss for words more and more often these days. I read the list of 100, and I'm sick and tired of being called a racist, a misogynist, a misanthrope, a prejudice you-name-it... the list is endless.

    I'm an old, fat, gun owning white guy. I drink whiskey. I like dogs and cats and good company. I probably smell funny.

    I'd enjoy finding a group of SJWs protesting some damned thing or other and hose them down with bear repellent.

    1. I think you're like me. I've gotten to the point where I don't give a rat's ass if they call me racist, or white privileged or any of that. When everything is racist, nothing is racist. When simply living means you're "privileged", (which is racist in itself) I'm not playing.

      When they call you racist, you know you've won the debate. Or, as they say, you tell them "BFYTW"