Friday, June 22, 2018

More Stuff for Your Shocked Face

If I may remind you of a daily outrage from earlier in the week; remember the one in which DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was out at a restaurant having dinner and got harassed by self-described socialists?  It was an ugly scene, entirely in keeping with the way the Deranged Resistance is behaving itself.

It turns out one of those deranged socialists is employed by the Department of Justice.
Allison Hrabar, a member of the Democratic Socialists of America who attended the protest against Nielsen over the controversial border law enforcement, was revealed to be a paralegal specialist at the DOJ, the Washington Examiner reported.

“It feels really good to confront people who are actually responsible, which is what we have a unique opportunity to do in D.C.,” the DOJ worker told the outlet.
Hrabar wasn’t bothered by her association with the DOJ, citing her protected First Amendment rights to protest anyone outside her work hours. She went on to encourage people to confront officials in public places.

“If you see these people in public, you should remind them that they shouldn’t have peace,” she said. “We aren’t the only ones who can do this. Anyone who sees Kirstjen Nielsen at dinner, anyone who sees anyone who works at DHS and ICE at dinner can confront them like this, and that’s what we hope this will inspire people to do.”
According to today's news, they've decided it's not enough to protest Nielsen and her family when they're in public; the protesters have chosen to follow her to her home and harass the entire family by playing loud recordings of babies crying.  Undoubtedly disturbing not only the Nielsens and their children, but also neighbors and their children.  

Hrabar has a point about her not being required to give up her rights to her stupid opinions to get a job.  She does have a right to be stupid, but exactly how she's allowed to express those opinions are not beyond the purview of her employer.  It's not uncommon in the private sector to be required to put a disclaimer on things posted in public that you're not speaking for your employer.  Besides, the Daily Caller reports that Hrabar has made a habit of using social media to send political messages during her work hours,
Despite Hrabar’s claims of keeping her personal politics outside of her time as an employee of the federal government, a look at her Twitter account, @allisongeroi, features tweets during the workday openly celebrating her behavior Tuesday night.
Let's play the game that a tweet that's time tagged at 1:56 PM was during work hours and not on a break or even lunch time (how do we know what hours she works?)  Chances of a government employee being disciplined on the job?  Sure seems to be just about zero.


  1. A person DOJ, attacking the Secretary of Homeland Security? There was a time that they'd spend the rest of their miserable lives in prison. Now they are heroes to the Democrats.

  2. Darn shame about the software.

  3. I have no doubt that AG Sessions will deal with this appropriately. Fine, upstanding "Law Enforcement" official that he is.

  4. Personal conduct by a federal employee which brings the agency into disrepute is grounds for administrative punishment, including termination of employment.

    And let's not forget the Hatch act.

  5. I am confused (not really): protests of this sort are direct, personal harassment with potential for violence. Why do the police refuse to arrest these crowds?

    I know that if I even stood out in my old neighborhood with a sign saying "Freedom Isn't Free" that I would be hauled off by the HOA.

    It's getting too much like the kind of environment that the Nazi Brownshirts thrived in around here.

  6. Too bad we don't have a free press. The real story in all of these demonstrations is who pays for it, who organizes it and who is out there with them but not demonstrating and isn't seen in the pictures but is telling them what to do and what not to do. These are paid "actors" not demonstrators. Why isn't that part of this story news. George Soros fingerprints are on this as is the communist party of America. I do not understand the Democrats in congress; they are bought and paid for by communists/socialist and are openly anti-American. My own senator from Oregon, Ron Wyden (although he doesn't live in Oregon he lives in New York), is a reasonable person who speaks reasonably at his town hall meetings, yet he too will stand up for all the far left and illegal actions by the Democrats. I suspect that at this point the left has hit squads that go the homes of Democrat congressmen and hold a gun to the head of their spouse when they speak on TV. Say anything outside the far left agenda and we shoot your wife and kids. There is no other explanation...

    Now our other senator, Jeff Merkley is a open socialist who wants to remake America into a shithole country. Maybe they don't have to hold his family hostage when he speaks.

  7. A long time ago, government officials who overstepped their roles could be coated in pine tar and feathers and kicked out of town, and the un-welcoming committee wouldn't receive consequences from other government officials. No longer. Suppose a protester slashes a officials' tires while he is in a restaurant, and a bypasser understands what is going on and reports the tire-slasher to a LEO. Only the extreme libertarians will believe the bypasser and the LEO should also have their tires slashed so the protester can win; everybody else aids the government because they fear increased liberty more than they fear reduced liberty.

    Control of organized crime is like pumping a hole dry for construction purposes. The more volume you pump, the dryer the hole. You have to pump continuously, forever, or the hole fills back up. What percentage of North American residents have been willing to take continuous, effective, proportional steps to dismantle government? The Amish. The developers of Bitcoin and TOR. Anybody else?

    When little remote control drone type things get cheap and capable enough they can be sent to parking lots to slash tires while shielding the protesters from the other 99.99% of North American residents, then they will be. Until then, expect continued exponential increase of government.

    1. Only the extreme libertarians will believe the bypasser and the LEO should also have their tires slashed so the protester can win; everybody else aids the government because they fear increased liberty more than they fear reduced liberty.

      Excuse me? You're saying other people in the area should get their tires slashed because a protester slashed a government official's? If anyone doesn't want the innocent bystander to get their tires slashed they're not in favor of liberty? Destroying someone else's property is something libertarians want?

      I thought the libertarian creed was "don't hurt people and don't take their stuff", yet you're advocating just that.

      I don't follow. It seems so far out of reality that I must not understand.

      Are you saying someone should run you out of a restaurant or theater because protesters are running a government official out?

    2. What I'm trying to say is that everyone who knowingly acts to help a bad law get enforced is culpable. If two people conspire to murder, the hitman and the one who hires the hitman, then they're both guilty of murder. The culpability isn't divided by the number of conspirers, they are all fully culpable. If 150 million organized criminals conspire via voting, the culpability doesn't divide out to a practical zero. Voters are all fully guilty of whatever the agent they're hiring can be reasonably expected to do.

      In the case of protesters slashing tires who gets reported, the risks to the reporter are the same as the gun owner charging into a situation to rescue, and shooting the wrong person because of a misunderstanding. The LEO are not a force for good, and the bystander doesn't get to pretend so to defend their act of assisting them.

      If voters don't want to be culpable then they should not vote, and they should not obey any bad law they can get away with not obeying. I notice the computer programming profession doesn't suffer from a Federal Software Administration, professional licensing, board certification, educational or insurance requirements, continuing education units, or any of the government intrusions those in every other profession say it's impossible to avoid. Yet the programmers are not setting cars on fire in street riots, and they are (mostly, until recently) not paying any lobbyists.

    3. If you accept the organized criminal enterprise culpability conclusion for quantity 1 and 2 but not 150 million, then please apply a squeeze argument to that. At what number does a mob of sexual batterers morally change from being rapists to saying she's outvoted and should accept the results of the election?

      I believe Dunbar's number figures into the emotional drivers underlying this conclusion, but that number merely describes a firmware limitation. Human brains haven't evolved to handle the fact there's now 7 billion humans on the planet, half of whom can pick up the phone and talk to each other. To fix the prejudices like racism, sexism, tribalism, we need to run patches in conscious thought.

  8. A concentrated but poorly defended weak spot in government logistics is the office buildings for tax collection paperwork. But can you point to any war in which armies attacked foreign tax collection buildings? Didn't see generals in WW 1 or 2 do this. Historically, the Jewish king in the temple of the central bankers is about it. Any revolution besides the early North American? Didn't see the peasants take their savings back in that Old Testament story about feast and famine vs. tax collection and retirement savings in Egypt. Any domestic protest movement? Didn't see Vietnam war draft protesters or The Weathermen do this. No, they all wanted government to continue so they could wield it themselves.

  9. I'm spamming everyone who posts about the two restaurants that don't want American diners:

    The Red Hen Restaurant in Lexington, VA phone number is 540-464-4401

    And the phone number for the MXDC Cocina Mexicana is 202.393.1900

    Sure would be a shame if both restaurants were to receive calls around their dinner hours, even if those calls were wrong numbers. Now it’s not right to be abusive, nor to repeatedly call their number. But one call each from one million people might possibly send them a message.

    Of course, that’s not the Rove Republican way of doing things, so I surely must be ashamed for mentioning any such thing. Better to just Shrub it off and let them get away with it…