Monday, July 16, 2018

About That Young, New York City, Socialist Twit

About that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the celebrated socialist running in New York City.  The press makes it sound like she's somehow important; like the Democrat primary voters electing her over a better known candidate are some sort of vanguard of what's to come, and not the reaction of a group that's already lock step in line with Chairman Mao.

To begin with, her win wasn't the tiniest bit noteworthy.  I find the best summary I've read is from Divemedic at Confessions of a Street Pharmacist soon after the election:
A closer look at exactly how she won the Primary indicates that her win is less about a sea of change and more about voter apathy. She won just shy of 16,000 votes out of 27,000 cast, in a district with over 236,000 registered Democrats. That equates to a voter turnout of under 12 percent.
She won by about 11,000 votes out of 236,000 registered voters; that means not even 5% of the voters in the district voted for her.  Her margin of victory could have been wiped out if something like 30% of the district turned out to vote instead of the 11-1/2% that did.

Need I remind you this is New York City, a deep, sapphire blue city that elected communist Bill DeBlasio as mayor ?  Generally, the population voting in primaries will be different from the population voting in general elections; in general, primary voters are more toward the edges of their parties, not toward the center.   In this case, it seems Ms. Ocasio-Cortez actually showed up and campaigned while her opponent took his victory as given and lost because of his overconfidence. 

So what?  She hustled, showed some good, capitalistic, you-work-for-it-you-get-it spirit, right?  The problem is she's selling socialism; she's selling other people's work.  You don't have to go far to find she's an uniformed twit who lied about her humble history.  Her platform is free stuff for everyone: free college, free trade school, free socialized medicine, criminal justice reform, a "green new deal", the ever popular "commonsense gun reform", "equal rights for all" (whatever that means today), forgive all existing Federal Student Loans, guaranteed Federal jobs labor camps for all, and ... wait for it... Abolish ICE!  (I thought Miguel at Gun Free Zone had a good summary on what we'll get when we abolish ICE - don't go there if you have a delicate stomach).  She mouths the socialist mantra that "we're the richest country in the world".  Actually, we're not.  We're the most indebted country in the world in total debt: over $21 Trillion at the moment.  The only "wealth" we have is by maxing out our credit cards and paying them off with other credit cards.  We're the most indebted country in the history of the world.  And that's just what has already been borrowed. It says nothing about looming pension problems, medicare, or anything else.

You know the story: how much does this cost?  Where does the money come from?  In a time when we should be cutting spending and trying to reduce deficits, she wants to increase costs everywhere.  Don't bother asking her; you'll get no answers.  Well, you'll get people defending her saying "tax the wealthy", just as Venezuela, Cuba, Zimbabwe and so many other places have done before.

(excerpted as live tweets on The Blaze)

She followed this wisdom with the equally brilliant bumper sticker quote, "If we’re not courageous enough to push the needle forward, we will get taken backward."  Years ago, I worked with a guy who had saying for times when someone said something phenomenally illogical.  He'd say, "you just can't argue with logic like that".  It was good because the person didn't realize how stupid they sounded and would leave.  I came to prefer and use, "you can't out think someone who isn't thinking".   Either one goes well here.


  1. I seem to recall that the biggest 'asset' on the Federal books is unpaid student loans. Estimates run from 31% to 52% of the entire FedGov asset portfolio (I just peeked). IIRC, the Puppyblender, with a JD and a tenured position is STILL paying off student loans, and he's coming closer to retirement age, at which time the payments are capped at $30 per month.
    On reflection, that looks like a decent retirement plan for me. I'm 57.Get some federal student loans, go through post-doc, and pay it off at $30/month! AND I'd get both senior citizen and student discounts! Yahoo!

  2. But it worked, didn't it? Thousands now obey her commands. Suppose she had won after a tie and a recount decided by judges who voted the party line, and her first act was to declare pi to be three. Thousands would still obey her commands.

    And also, do Whistling ducks that relay run RACES? Nevermind.

  3. She is running in a hive, and is EXACTLY what hive dwellers love. She will easily win in November, and will even pull a vast majority of votes from any Jew in her district that chooses to vote. In spite of what she continually says about Israel. Because hive dwellers are Communists. They live in the hives because they want Government to take care of their every need and their every desire. And what better response to that electorate than AOC???

    I keep begging for someone to show me a hive mayoral ballot from the last 40 years, or even the last FIFTY years, which lists a candidate that might actually run the hive in compliance with the Constitution. Crickets. But there sure is no shortage of "Rent Too High" candidates on those ballots. Communists. Nothing more. Nothing less.

  4. You can't engage in a battle of wits against an unarmed opponent.

  5. The graphic pictures should be on the front page of our newspapers simply because they are graphic and tell the truth. They are hidden from us intentionally. The Mexican cartels have become very active and very bold over the last 6-10 years. They are in open warfare with Mexico and many of the Mexican army and police are actually on their side in this war. It would take very little change to create a situation where literally millions of Mexicans decide to try to escape the out of control violence and head north claiming refugee status. The thing about refugees is the law will not really allow us to refuse them and once here they will never go back. That will happen. It could be next year or 10 years but sooner or later Mexico will devolve into complete social chaos and we can expect millions of refugees coming across the border. Who will pay for this? Well, of course you know who will pay and you won't have a choice. Your only choice will be each November and if you do not throw out these left wing socialist/communist you will soon be strangers in your own country.

    1. You vote for who you are ALLOWED to vote for. The Democrat party and the Republican party control the electoral system. And both parties are owned by Davos and the Bilderbergs. One only needs to look at the recent elections where honest GOP candidates won their primaries to see the truth of that. The GOP then refused to fund those candidates' campaigns in the general election, and instead provided funding and opposition "research" to the Democrats instead.

  6. As far as I remember, you have to be 30 to run for Congress, and she is only 28. Am I remembering wrong?

  7. 25 for the House, 30 for Senate, and 35 for president.