Sunday, July 8, 2018

One Thing We Can Be Sure About that Supreme Court Nominee

The news says that the nominee to replace Anthony Kennedy will be announced tomorrow night at 9PM.  Expect all sorts of breathless predictions.  Unless Trump has thrown a real fake, I can guarantee you one thing, and that's what's going on now. 

The same forces that had a complete action plan ready to drop the moment the Parkland shooting happened has had teams researching every single person on Trump's list.  No matter who gets the nod, there will have been hundreds of man hours of research into their past to slam the nominee.  

If one of us bloggers - No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money - can run a complete five part series with data on every person on the list, you know the professional smear merchants can. 

You know that no matter who it is a storm is going to break. 

That's all I know with any confidence. 


  1. Boy, you said a mouthful! I got the buttered popcorn ready and the hot dogs too. LL, you want to come over? Bring the Maker's Mark, I all I got is Jack's Tennessee Fire. SG, You can come too.

  2. Might fire up the grille for a couple of hot dogs, too....

  3. There are paid accusers lining up to be the next Anita Hill. She was/is a second rate legal mind who got a plum job at a university because she played Brutus for Ted Kennedy and the Democrats. No matter who is nominated there will be people coming out of the woodworks to destroy their reputation.

    1. There are paid accusers lining up to be the next Anita Hill.

      Look what they're trying to do to Jim Jordan right now. Digging up an allegation that something happened 25 years ago - and the perp who was actually supposed to have done those things died like 10 years ago - yet Jordan is responsible? Oh, and by sheer coincidence, the accusers are getting money to come forward?

      The only reason this gets a nanosecond of news coverage is that Jim Jordan is effective and Republican.