Thursday, March 14, 2019

Pi Day

Seems like a date that can be both pi day and Einstein's birthday makes a good day for an engineering or general geek joke. 

From Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. 

Being an engineer, which one never really retires from, I'm required to be pedantic enough to point out there can only be a pi day in countries that use month/day format rather than day/month.  According to the Wikipedia, it's not strictly an American thing.  It's the US, Philippines, Federated States of Micronesia and Marshall Islands.  The last two were US territories until the 1980s while the Philippines became independent from the US in 1946 after WWII. 


  1. Yes but what sort of catapult? Obviously not a trebuchet, but there are several takes on torsion catapults.
    Maybe it isn't a catapult at all, maybe it's going to be a ballista and the baby is planning a dramatic self launch into the world at birth!

  2. My dad was an engineer, and he really did explain refraction when I asked why the sky is blue at about age 5.