Saturday, March 16, 2019

Thought For the Day

Since I don't have any thoughts for the day, I grabbed one from the great Sargasso Sea of the internet, Pinterest.

I took four years of French in high school, and it's all true.  Oiseaux is birds and it is pronounced waz-oh.  Not wazoo, the last guys joke. 

With no offense intended to the 90 to 100 readers from France I get every day.


  1. Most guys who I knew in school taking French did so in order to get laid. I hope that it worked and you were able to hunt waz-ho's effectively.

    1. Most guys who I knew in school taking French did so in order to get laid.

      ??? A language was a requirement to graduate. They made it as dry and miserable as possible. There are a zillion different possibilities for French language reading materials that would have interested us teenagers. Science Fiction. Romance. Celebrity gossip magazines. Buy one subscription to the largest French daily newspaper, and we could have traded around the sections each day. Even learn something about French current events, politics, personalities, etc. But no, we had to read 'see spot run' in French.

  2. Yes, Anon, there was a language requirement at our high school too, but LL's comment shouldn't confuse you. He is merely expressing why some chose French, which is not an easy language like Spanish, although it beats the hell out of learning to speak Mandarin (let alone _read_ it).

    I took three years of Latin (skipped my Junior year), which, while it is a dead language (only spoken by a few Oxford dons) was actually quite useful in developing a better grasp of English grammar and the origin of much of our vocabulary.