Monday, October 28, 2019

News From The Lighter Side

I started on a serious piece tonight, but it was just too rough to read let alone write.  Happens sometimes.  Instead, some funnin' around, saved specifically for a night like tonight.

The background is what makes this cartoon.  From Bizarro Cartoons but I don't recall where I found it posted.


  1. I see the alien and the slice of pie, but no others. This must be a very early cartoon, because he doesn't have the number of gizmos above his signature, and "O2" and "K2" aren't prominent.

    1. I wouldn't have understood your comment for the last month since I saved that. Then I went to his web pages and looked around a little.

      The slice of pie is so obvious I'm surprised I didn't notice it and wonder why it was there.

    2. I read them on Arcamax ( ). According to wiki ( ) a friend Wayne took over the weekly one awhile back. I have noticed over the last decade a drift away from humorous comics like Fred and Wilma above and towards just being a visual puzzle for kids. Sad. For awhile, he was heading in Gary Larson's direction.