Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Texas Jury Blocks Father From Preventing His Son's Sex Change

I want to copy and paste some of the Washington Examiner news story here to get the wording exactly right.  It says:
Texas father blocked from stopping gender transition of son James, 7, to girl called Luna.
That's correct but incomplete.  It should read:
Texas father blocked from stopping his ex-wife forcing the gender transition of son James, 7, to girl called Luna.
Sounds different, doesn't it?  A little farther down in the story it becomes clear that the father, Jeffrey Younger, had petitioned a court in Texas to grant him sole custody of his twin sons, James and Jude specifically to avoid this and his ex-wife was granted the sole custody of the boys.  
Anne Georgulas, the mother of the two boys, has advocated for James to transition into Luna and has strongly backed the idea of chemically castrating her son and beginning hormone replacement therapy. The ruling on Wednesday will prevent Jeffrey from having sole custody of his children and paves the way for Georgulas to proceed with the procedure.

The court has ruled that Georgulas will maintain sole custody of her two children and go forward with plans to give James life-altering medical procedures. Her original court filing had sought to limit her ex-husband's visits with their children and require that he now refer to James as Luna.
What caught my attention in this story is that they're talking about puberty blocking drugs for seven year old James, a type of drug I did a story on back on October 7th.  One of the main takeaways from that article is that these are very dangerous drugs and have a disruptive effect on the complete endocrine system of the child, likely putting them onto hormone disrupting drugs for life.  The problems associated with forcing these drugs on a child who may not even need them are irreversible and include cancers, cardiovascular events such as heart attacks and blood clots, suicidal behavior and other psychological disorders, brittle bones, painful joints, and sterility. 

The various news stories go back and forth on it, but to me, the biggest point is that there was testimony from medical professionals (admittedly witnesses for the father) who said James doesn't meet the diagnostic criteria to have gender dysphoria according to the DSM-V, and that his behavior may be trying to fit in with whomever he's around: mother or father.  The doctor claims James doesn't appear to exhibit "distress" when associated with his male identity, a requirement for diagnosis.  Could it be the annulment of the parents' marriage and being involved in a custody dispute is what's bothering James and that's the real issue?  J. Kb at Gun Free Zone put it like this. 
I am usually the first to say “no, there probably shouldn’t be a law” but when it comes to letting a child who still thinks Santa and the Easter Bunny are real decide to claim an alternate gender identity and then use that as evidence for chemical and surgical mutilation of that child, there should be a law against that.
I think this cartoon gets it right for the societal question.  For this family, it seems like the root is the conflict between the parents.  It seems like the mother is trying to get back at the father and, unfortunately, is going to sacrifice and quite possibly kill her son to hurt his father.  I'm sure she'd somehow see it differently.

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  1. The whole thing doesn't really ring true so I suspect there is much much more to the story. You didn't mention that this woman is a Pediatrician, in other words, a trained medical professional. In my view, this only makes the case more bizarre, and more importantly, a few orders of magnitude more horrific for the child. How does a child confront their parent when they represent not only the parent, but a respected professional in the field in question? There's no way for this poor kid to win. The mother has hoodwinked the court and it would appear the father has failed to get the help of a respected expert to represent his own side. Hard to believe this is happening in Texas, but then again most of Dallas ain't Texas anymore, the people are from elsewhere.

    1. You didn't mention that this woman is a Pediatrician, in other words, a trained medical professional. Thanks, Aggie.

      I was sure I had heard mom's a pediatrician, but I had three or four articles open at various times and not one of them contained that. I figured I must have remembered wrong. That has to immediately make people on the jury think, "well, she's a doctor, she must know what she's doing", but I don't think that puberty blockers are accepted treatment by pediatricians in general, and especially not endocrinologists who work with children.

      I can't imagine a well-informed pediatrician doing that to a child.

      I'm concerned about it being Texas, too. I guess Austin has been a blue state for a long time, and New Orleans relocated to Houston area during/after Katrina. It's really changing the state.

  2. Your vote for your local judges is arguably much more important in your day to day life than any other.

    This is nuts. The Family Courts in TX have become infested with progressive judges, and it seems like they are predominantly women. In one article, the father shares his anguish that he must remain calm and rational, because the court is already biased against fathers, while watching his ex abuse the boy.

    I think the trans thing is a modern mania, but I also wonder- what if it's true that so many people are that messed up? What caused it? What changed in the environment? It didn't used to be like this, so something changed. What chemical or environmental horror got unleashed on us?


    1. Your vote for your local judges is arguably much more important in your day to day life than any other.
      Oh, yeah. In Florida, the Bar association essentially tells them they can't campaign telling their beliefs on things. Because, you know, judges are always objective and above inserting their bias into their decisions. (roll eyes)

      Re: your last few sentences, I think it's a fad. The most important thing for a leftist to be is a victim and this allows them to declare victimhood. If the rate before the LGBTQWERTY fad started was < .5%, it's the same now. The rest is parents showing their kids are victims to claim victimhood themselves, teens trying to get noticed and other psychological deviancy shows. Nutjobs.

      Of course, I'm not a doctor, just some dood with a blog.

  3. "I can't imagine a SANE pediatrician doing that to a child."

    Fixed it for you, SiG!

  4. This is child abuse, plain and simple. There has been a massive public outcry against this woman, so much so that Texas Gov Greg Abbott put out a tweet last night indicating the Texas Gov and Attorney General will be looking into this case. Thank God for that, this poor little boy doesn't deserve the hell his "mother" (she is not even biologically related to him) is putting him through.

    Apparently Texas has a law on the books preventing kids getting tattoos; one would think forced hormone therapy is far worse than any tattoo. My guess is this gets stopped in its tracks, if sanity prevails.

  5. That jury ONLY heard what the judge wanted them to hear. So the judge bears most of the fault for this travesty. As such the t shirt should read "Rope, tree, judge, some assembly required".

  6. Somebody tell me, isn't it unethical the treat a patient with a drug not specified for that condition (Lupron) ?

  7. The mother, allegedly a medical doctor, should have her license suspended on the grounds of mental incapacity and psychotic delusion.

    That a court did not decide, prima facie, that her desire to alter the unalterable gender of her born son to satisfy her own perverted wishes was clear and unassailable proof of psychotic dissociation from reality, is a measure of how far civilization has sunk from whatever day was its golden arc.

    It's Texas: she should be taken out and hanged by the neck until dead, or at best, confined to a mental institution for the balance of her natural life, for near a decade of psychotic child abuse.

    Should the father execute sentence, he should be sentenced to 4 hours of community service raking leaves, and then set at liberty.

    Sentencing the son to a dysfunctional life for the delusions of the mother has to rank as Reason #3,087 why all Child Protective Services workers and family court judges should be eradicated, preferably with flame throwers and machetes. Televised, if at all possible.

  8. The ex-wife won for the same reason ex-wives win most of the custody cases.

    Because she's a female. That's it. 100% right there.

    Florida, a normally semi-conservative state, was a horrible place to have a custody dispute, as unless the mother proved to be worse than Eileen Wuornos or Caligulette, she'd be awarded custody.

    Dope fiend? Custody.

    Prostitute? Custody.

    Complete Psycho-beyotch with lots of abuse charges? Custody.

    Doesn't matter if the guy is a saint, walks on water, changes water into wine, bakes bread, fishes, supports his family, is totally so sane all the rest of the world appears insane, his chances of custody are pretty much nil unless the mother AND her family are all locked away and there is no other viable alternative other than the dad.

    It's all part of the war on men that's been going on since the '70s. And it totally sucks.

    I hope a higher court steps in quickly, along with good investigators from Child Services and other places, and gets this horrible ruling overturned.

    The child doesn't want to 'transition,' or whatever the fark that is. It is the mother who wants a 'guuurl' that is screwing the whole situation up. Mommy Dearest has been dressing the boy, doing the boy's nails, calling the boy a 'girl.'

    It's the mother who is insane in this case. The mother who is in the wrong.

    So, of course the courts side with her.

    So far.

    At least the Governor is freaked about this ruling, along with lots of 'free range' Texans, so there may be hope yet. Maybe.

    1. To the best of my knowledge, you're 100% right on everything.

      Mommy Dearest, the pediatrician, is sick and needs to have her license pulled. A report this evening was that another mom said she had to find another doctor because this one kept trying to get her to transition her son.

      She needs help but mostly needs to be kept from messing up her son. If psychiatry doesn't know what to do, lock 'er up. I don't object to flamethrowers and machetes as Aesop suggests, either.

  9. "My prepubescent child is trans" is Munchausen by proxy, wrapped in a rainbow flag. As the saying goes, it's like a vegan cat - we all know who's making the decisions.
    This madness is gleefully driven by the entrenched pedophilia lobby: if a child can consent to having its genitals mutilated surely it can consent to sexual encounters.
    The socialist dictator wannabes love it because it's yet another 2+2=5 humiliation we're forced to endure.
    I know what I would do in that father's shoes, having exhausted legal remedy, and it's not fit for polite company.