Tuesday, November 3, 2020

My Two Cents Worth

On the election and the coming few days.  

A few weeks ago, Mrs. Graybeard asked me what I thought. I've seen nothing that changes what I thought back then, so it's going to follow here.

I think Trump is going to win. I think the best case, regardless if it's Trump or Biden is for the winning margin to be so big that the planned actions against the winner, as the Transition Integrity Project has been organizing since about the day after the '16 election, won't happen.  Best case would be a replay of Reagan '84, where Mondale took one state; 525-13 in the electoral college.  How are they gonna organize against that?  

Unfortunately, I don't see that happening.  That means some amount of crap is going to happen and exactly where you are will determine how bad it's going to be.  This is a wonderful time to be from Washington DC.  Far, far from Washington DC would be best.  No matter what happens the poop hits the air moving device in DC perhaps starting as soon as tonight. whether it's from Government Employees themselves trying to take down the government or professional revolutionaries pushing armed revolt.

John Wilder likes to refer to where he lives as Modern Mayberry.  That's a reasonable description for The Silicon Swamp, but I think of this area in the context of a peculiar country song from 1994, and refer to us as the home of the High Tech Redneck.  We have tons of electronics manufacturing.  In addition to being 30ish miles from the Kennedy Space Center, we have a big name general aviation manufacturer in town here, and a startup company that's working on supersonic passenger jets.  I don't think that the city police or the county Sheriff would stand down like the police in so many of the blue cities have since the George Floyd Overdose Death started the riot season and I don't think the city leadership would request or order them to stand down.  While I suspect that tomorrow there might be open shooting war in Washington DC, my gut says that it will be a regular Wednesday here. 

Your situation will depend on where you are.  Any and all of the summer's riot hot spots could flare up tonight and the next few days.  As an example, Wirecutter today posted this Tweet from Denver (as a jpeg, not a link to Twitter).  Denver wasn't the scene of extended riots but that doesn't mean someone won't try to do it now.  The same goes for the blue cities and counties in Florida as much as anywhere else.

It's just as important that regardless of whether Trump wins that the Stupid party take back the House and maintain control of the Senate.  Those tend to be more local and hard to pick with my minuscule knowledge.  If they can take back the House and retire Nancy Peloski it would be idyllic beyond belief.

May we emerge after this as a better Republic and on the track of fixing the problems instead of tearing it down and replacing it with a socialist tyranny.   


  1. I'm livin' in a very quiet area where the LEOs stand tall and understand their allegiance is to the people, not the politicians; then again the people here keep their arms close at hand: locked and loaded.
    I pray your last paragraph comes true, but until we replace the K-12 teachers who are brainwashing our (grand)children with socialism, I have little hope for the U.S.A.

  2. I was talking with a fellow today, and we both thought Denver/Aurora would go up in flames regardless of the election results. He predicted if Trump wins, things will be nutty until Inauguration Day, and then either some heads were gonna get cracked and things would settle down, or all holy h3ll was gonna bust loose.

  3. In an honest election Trump can't lose. This election will be as far from fair and honest as imaginable. Ever since the Bush/Gore "hanging chad" debacle of 2000 the American Communist Party nee Demonrats have been working diligently to create and put into place the machinery to remove ACTUAL VOTERS from the election equation. In 2016 the left truly believed their own propaganda that Tump stood zero chance of winning. They were wrong and lost an election they were certain they couldn't lose. This time they do not intend to lose. They intend to do WHATEVER is required to win....legality is irrelevant. And with the insanity of "mail in voting" and "ballot harvesting" made possible by the PLANNEDEMIC they left was handed a gift from hell....where they spawned. They can now CREATE as many votes as they need to gurantee they win. And the criminal judges they own will rubberstamp the results. No.....barring a literal miracle Trump simply CANNOT WIN this election. The left has created a system where they fully control EVERY aspect and EVERY result. And they are NOT going to allow ANYONE they don't own to win.

  4. SiG, well said.

    As a tag onto what Dan said, here is a video on 'Fraction Magic' about how vote tallies are manipulated.

    The video is from Black Box Voting. Perusal of the information on this webpage may cause steam out your ears.

  5. It is midnight-40 here in the Texas Hill Country. Chip Roy(R) is finally up on Wendy Davis(D) (Abortion Barbie) though the race has not been called. John Cornyn beat M J Heager whose own mother-in-law, though a Democrat, said don't vote for MJ. In my county Trump won with about 80% of the vote.

    It looks like Trump is going to win if the Democrats cannot print Ten's of Thousands of ballots in Pennsylvania and a couple of other states. Senate seats are flipping and flopping; however, it appears that when the smoke clears the Republicans will still have the Senate. It will be a squeaker for the House but the Democrats may just loose their majority, so goodby Malig-Nancy.

    Between now and 2022 and 2024, the Democrats are going to work real hard on perfecting their Election Fraud machine. But it looks like maybe enough fraud is being publicly uncovered that reform may be had.

  6. It's going on 2:30 a.m. and it's become apparent that we are well and truly f*cked. After 7+ months of Burn, Loot & Murder/Fascist riots, 50%+ of the country votes for the party that sponsored the riots.

    It's been a good ride, America. Keep your powder dry. We're in for long, dark descent into a Marxist Hell.

  7. "Nice pile of bricks you got there, Antifatards. Be a real shame if someone with a sense of humor put a firebomb tied in to a pressure release switch somewhere down in that pile, wouldn't it?"

    1. I was gonna say Claymore but a big firebomb would be good.

    2. Claymores require resources and serial-numbered destructive devices.

      What I described can be done with a copy of SF's Improvised Munition Handbook (TM 31-210, 1969 ed.), about $10 worth of materials from a couple of corner stores, and about 20 minutes' diligent effort.

      Then it's a party.

      It's not funny when a flock of Antifatards get lit on fire with homebrew napalm playing their jackassical games.

      It's hilarious!

      "Who lives by the firebomb, shall die by the firebomb." - (Matthew 26:52, Five Minutes Ago Translation)

      "Karma Is A Bitch." - Siddharta Buddha