Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Veteran's Day 2020

 There really isn't anything I can add to the quality writing exhibited around the blogs today, besides “thank you for your service.”

World War I ended at “the 11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month” in 1918.  The world, especially Europe, never recovered from WWI.  One led inexorably to WWII, which led to the cold war, and so on.  I recall back when I was a kid that people still called this day Armistice Day.  

To be clear, I'm not a veteran.  My father fought in WWII, but there was no real family tradition of enlisting in the military (both mom and dad were the first of their families born in America - there was no time to have a tradition) so enlisting was not something I thought about doing. 

I have deep respect for those of you who served.  You allow me to sit here and write this.


  1. Thank you to those that served. The mess cooks who scrubbed pots and pans at 3 AM so we could eat breakfast, the bilge rats who crawled thru muck to stop a leak. Those who got us clean socks out in the field after 6 days of wearing the same ones. All those who made it possible to do our job. THANK YOU.

  2. thanks for your blog. I too am not a veteran, but my father and his two brothers were. And many millions more.
    God bless them one and all.