Saturday, November 21, 2020

Test Post and Infobleg

 First, the test post.  Ever seen square gears?  

I think it's one thing to visualize that motion and another to design the shapes.

This is animated gif that I made from an .mp4 video I found at Homemade Tools.  This is the first time I've done an .mp4 to .gif conversion, using the free versions of a video editor I've trying out. 

Which gets me to the info bleg.  I'm looking for a video editor for my YouTube channel.  This video editor (VSDC) isn't expensive to upgrade, but it has far more features than I care about.  For my purposes, the screens are way cluttered with things I just don't want.  I don't have much in mind that I want to do, but consider a running engine or a machining operation.  I can see running those videos at twice normal speed, doing a voice over of and perhaps adding a text screen.

Think of things more like documentaries and less like what kids do with their phones. 

So of those of you who do videos for yourself or friends or have YouTube channels, what's a good, video editor without too much bloating in it?     


  1. Lightworks is probably more than you're looking for ( ) and a nice lightweight editor for a while was the Microsoft Video Maker - no longer available but they recommend something within the Photos app on Windows 10. Haven't tried that one yet

  2. Open Shot Video editor. It's open source and free!

  3. I'm a fan of HitFilm. Its overly feature rich, but you can easily skip over it all and use it as a simple video sequence editor. I used blender before this and and its a big step over blender.

  4. Shot Cut.
    Open Source.
    Runs on Linux, Mac or Windows.
    Dan Dennedy, MLT co-founder is current lead progrmer

    Alan Lee

  5. The Mrs. says Vegas. $250.

    DaVinci Resolve, says The Boy. Free.