Sunday, March 28, 2021

Oh the Precious Goal in Life to Be A Victim

There was a story this week, toward the bottom of the news where it belongs, about a dude who considers himself a woman, but hasn't actually had the surgery that matters the most, yet.  You know, the surgery Rush used to call the Chopadickoffofme.  When poor dude goes through the TSA checks to get on an airplane, they always find this anomaly between his legs and need to resolve it.  Dude has gone screaming to any camera and microphone that he can find to scream to about (I suppose) how unfair it is that the scanners can't read his mind and learn how he identifies.  The story on the Blaze says that model and content creator Rosalynne Montoya recently shared an experience with social media users and insisted that TSA is transphobic.  
"Can we talk about how horrible it is to travel while being transgender sometimes?" Montoya asked in the now-viral video, which has been seen by at least 18 million people at the time of this reporting. "I always have immense anxiety leading up to going through security. And this means that I totally recognize the privilege of having all of my documents correct. So, the gender marker on my license, for example, says 'female.'"

"But, going through the scanner, there's a male scanner and a female scanner in the TSA checkpoint," Montoya continued. "And, looking at me, you know, I look like a woman and I am a woman. So, that's great. I love having systemic privilege when I feel unsafe, which is in an airport. But, going through the scanner, I always have an 'anomaly' between my legs that sets off the alarm.
Pardon me if I get your pronouns wrong, but the TSA isn't transphobic; they're bomb-phobic. 

He/she/xe/xshe (whatever) tells the sad story about always having the anomaly between his legs if he goes through the scanners as a woman and has an anomaly in his chest if he goes through as a man.  Apparently he was committed enough to get breast implants, so augmented, but not committed enough to get subtracted from. 

The story is also covered at PJ Media, who got in contact with TSA and reprints much of the way they address the situation. 

I have a simpler example.  Back two days before New Years Day of Y2K, Mrs. Graybeard and I were hit by a pickup truck while riding our bikes.  She had several stainless rods inserted in her back; we call it a pound but don't really know what it weighed.  As a result, she was given a card by her doctor to hand to the TSA.  It states she has implants that will show up on their scanners.  We've taken at least a dozen trips in the intervening years and Every Single Time she goes through the scanners, they stop her for more thorough investigation.  Every Single Time we've asked the TSA about the cards they say (in effect) "nice cards, but we have to be sure."  Essentially, anyone could print up cards like that. 

And that's what's going on with Rosalynne Montoya.  Anybody could say they're a trans woman and have a pound of explosives between their legs.  Once the anomaly shows up, they have to prove it's safe.  They're responding to the risk, not the person. 


  1. Um, yeah. Something, something, don't drag me into your fantasy world something something.

    Seriously, you're more likely to get a full checkup by the TSA if you're a female or handicapped or both.

    Which is weird, because no acts of terrorism, as far as I know, have been linked to disabled people or people acting disabled.

    But inclusion, yada yada. So hard to be a crossdresser, I mean a snowflake, these days...

  2. You would think TSA would have figured out good records keeping and know that they've questioned your wife before about the metal in her back.

    In other news the starship launch for today had to be canceled because the FAA inspector couldn't be bothered to show up. Despite having a proper TFR scheduled prior.

    I dunno. On the one hand I'm glad the Feds are so incompetent. Makes it harder for them to tyrannize us. On the other though it's making it nigh impossible for society to continue functioning.

  3. Put It on the No Fly List, and tell It that it's now a choice between Greyhound, bicycle, or a rowboat.

    Problem: solved.

  4. Hey, he is not a woman no matter how screwed up in the head he is. If he will get the "junk" removed/relocated he could fully masquerade as a gal and not be bothered. But maybe he will repent and want to go back to being himself. As long as there is extra baggage in the crotch he will be questioned. Yes it could be an explosive shaped like part of a male's anatomy and tucked in down there.

  5. My white privilege is insufficient to ward off any secondary screening. In fact, it seems to be an attractant since it is true I have been detained for secondary every single time since 9/11. At KRDU, thrice while in the same line of travelers without any point of entry or exit anywhere along the line.

    On top of that, I sometimes travel with 'pilot gear' (guess what I do for a living). For some reason, having headsets and aviation-related manuals in my carry is enough to beckon a bevy of TSA goons to rifle through my carry-on with great anticipation of finding that undeniable singular proof of malfeasance. Then to be wand two or three times in succession as if it is a twisted rite of passage.

  6. You are not trans. You are a man in drag. Get things cut off, not just inserted in your chest, and then you'll be able go thru TSA without your "anomaly" showing.