Tuesday, March 23, 2021


The day and evening got away from me between some spring cleaning, house maintenance and more.

So have a picture I liked.  Is it just me or does Hoppy look like some sort of Bug-Eyed Monster or BEM, as they used to say, but with an underbite?  

It has to be deliberate.


  1. Would not put it past any of them. SpaceX seems to hire people who don't quite fit NASA's rather stuffy attitude about having fun.

  2. Starhopper has a face! I had seen the big lights but had not noticed the others. I know they are using Starhopper as a static tower. They even have what looks like a marine radar on top of it.

    1. It's only really visible during maybe a half hour around sunset. A little later and it turns into one bright blob - a little earlier and the lights aren't on.

      Think of the rotating radar antenna as a propeller beanie.

  3. Pretty, and shiny, with FINS, as God and Heinlein intended.....