Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Surprise Bill in Florida House; Second Amendment Preservation Act

I learned today that this week a new bill has been submitted to the Criminal Justice & Public Safety Subcommittee in the Florida House of Representatives.  HB1205 is a "2nd Amendment Preservation Act" much like the laws passed in other states.  The full text of the bill (pdf) is online.  The bill was introduced by Kaylee Tuck, a young representative from south central Florida; district 55 which covers parts of Okeechobee County just north of the Lake. 

I don't know what the chances are for bills this time in the session, but I'll go ahead and email everyone on the committee anyway asking they pass the bill and send it to the full House.  My representative isn't on this committee but he's a Rino and a shining example of the problem with Term Limits - people who have been in office get name recognition, so when they limit out of one office, they run for the one down the hall or on the other side of the capital and move over there.  Still a lifetime career politician just with varying titles.  

The forum where I found out about HB1205 had this video by a channel called Guns&Gadgets describing the bill and going through some of it page by page.  It's a 10 page bill; the first four are "Whereas" statements and the last five are the actual rules.  It seems like a good bill to me. 


  1. These resolutions and laws being passed are nothing but touchy feely wastes of time. Unless such LAWS mandate that ANY Federal official or officer who violates the law is arrested, charged and IMPRISONED for their actions these laws are impotent posturing by useless politicians.

  2. CJ&PS is where pro-gun bills go to die.

  3. The bill was introduced March 2, referred to three committees and has not moved since. For all intents and purposes and unless somebody gets religion in the House, this bill is dead.
    The good news? All the Anti-Gun bills have suffered the same stagnation. I can almost breathe again.

    1. I checked your list and didn't see it, so I bought the story it was just introduced March 29th. FWIW, I emailed almost the entire subcommittee.