Monday, October 6, 2014

Isis Comes to America

Florida, Texas, Alaska or pretty much any one of the free states.  Just not California, New Jersey or those gunfree sewers like New York City or Chicago.
Really pretty simple, after all.  Chip Bok at


  1. Just want to point out that like so many things there is more then one side to the story. No doubt about it the guy with the knife in the cartoon is toast. But, a knife is the choice of an assassin for a good reason. You don't show your knife you don't telegraph your intent. My Kung Fu instructor would often say there are two men he is afraid of; a man with a knife or a man with a black belt in judo.

  2. My wife's kung-fu instructor was fond of telling his classes, "Gun-fu" will always beat kung-fu, if both are trained."

  3. Anyone know what happened to the "imminent terrorist attacks" - the "worst since 9/11" we were threatened with by DC a month ago?

    If FBI/IHS/etc had foiled some grand plot, surely they would be telling us how competent and necessary they are. But they completely stopped talking about it. Apparently it was merely cover to go to war in Syria after DC/AIPACs previous attempt failed like a lead balloon.

  4. Here is the imminent threat: Ebola or some other disease will spread. It will get to Mexico and the rest of Central America. Their health care is inadequate for the challenge and the disease will be certain death if you catch it. They will choose the only logical choice and head North where health care is exceptional and "free". As such they will be considered "refugees" and our laws are so mucked up that we will be forced to allow them in. Our once outstanding and capable healthcare system will be over run and become ineffective. Millions may die.
    A few months ago this would seem unlikely. Today it is more likely then not. Consider how our government choose to respond to ebola and people coming here fromWest Africa. The system doesn't work. They will only take the correct steps to save Americans AFTER a lot of Americans die and after the disease is established here. They tell you "we got this". Our health care system is second to none. But think about it. How many health care workers does it take to manage one Ebola patient 24 hours a day 7 days a week? That number is 108. How many total beds in the entire U.S. are their for level 4 quarantine patients? less then 30. It wil take less then 30 Ebola patients to overwhelm our system. After that you will be sent home and your friends and family must care for you. Then everyone who touches you or anything contaminated by you becomes sick. The progression is exponential. Does it sound unbelievable to you? Fair enough that is the nature of human nature. On Sept 10 2001 flying passenger jets into the WTC sounded unbelieveable too. Sadly by the time you and the CDC and the president "believe" it then it will be too late and we wil be subject to the reality of a fast spreading disease. Will it happen this time with Ebola? I don't know but it could and if we get lucky and it doesn't what next?

  5. Gun-fu.

    No doubt he was right. But here is what is missing from the discussion. A gun is not a great close contact weapon. Lots of policemen are killed with their own gun. If you have a gun in find yourself in hand to hand combat with a black belt in Kug Fu you will lose. But a knife is different. We used to test this out often in my Kung fu class. You arm one guy with a black magic marker and the defender with just his kung fu skills. To win you must subdue your attacker withut getting marked anywhere. It never happened. The knife holder always won. Not just one mark but tens of marks all over the body. In fact it devolved into a comedy at the expense of the defender. Even a kung fu black belt will lose to someone with a knife. Once you start bleeding it is all downhill.

    The gun? Yeah we did that to. Better then 50:50 odds the gun holder loses once there is contact.

  6. I've heard that if you are barehanded and facing a knife, you have to expect you'll get cut - so choose where to get cut and how to use it to your advantage.