Friday, October 3, 2014

Update One

It was a long frustrating day waiting for the delivery truck.  They said they'd be out between 10 and 2. I neglected to ask, "Do you mean 10AM and 2PM? On the same day?"  Delivery was around 6 PM.  When you think about it, I suppose it's always between 10 and 2 in some way of counting. 
Aside from that aggravation, the delivery guy was great.  He offered to load it up on his pallet jack and put it in the garage, so I let him.  I put the nifty little stand (it has shelves inside) approximately in place.  That little bookshelf on the right was never intended to go there, and just got shoved over there to get it out from under foot.

By this time tomorrow night, I should have the mill in place on that stand and checked out.  I don't have a mill vise, Tee nuts or other clamping hardware that will fit it - that all comes Monday - so I doubt I'll actually cut some metal, but it should be running.  With a bit of luck.


  1. I am enjoying the machine posts I have a mini mill and a mini lathe myself . I need and am beginning to look for a bigger lathe but so far the mill is doing what I need it to with a bit of forethought.

  2. Cool.

    Can hardly wait until you set it up and start using it.

  3. Congratulations on your new mill!

    I was the one who said friends don't let friends buy X2's.

    For some reason the supposed correctly sized tee nuts that I had bought didn't fit in the G0704 tee nut slot properly. So my first project was to mill the tee nuts down to the proper size.

  4. Anon - for some reason, Blogger put your comment in the Spam folder, so I restored it.

    If I end up with that situation, I can use my little Sherline to mill them to size. I don't think I could do that with the new mill. Maybe a drill press vise or something else could hold them while I worked.