Friday, October 10, 2014

Stupid iPad ... Stupid Apple

Just a gripe.  Like most owners, I went to OS8.02 last week when Apple released it.  Since then, my iPad has awful WiFi performance.   If I reboot, my first attempt to use the internet works fine.  The next attempt is slower, and the third or fourth is so slow I give up.  I tried to load Bayou Renaissance Man and gave up after two minutes with no movement of the progress bar at all. 

Rebooting after every attempt to read a page is the only thing that works, and that's no way to live. 

The user community is filled with people complaining about this.  I restored my iPad to factory settings and then reloaded my backup with no success.  Right now I'm restoring it to factory new, and install everything manually. 

Meanwhile, a cartoon that tickled my funny bone. 


  1. Same issues here. Thanks Apple for the Microsoft OS!

  2. To paraphrase the infamous Otter, " trusted Apple!"

  3. Better get that thing fixed quick. The FEDs will be after you if they notice that you are walking around without your electronic minder.

  4. In case anyone was wondering, my attempt to fix it, while drastic, worked.

    I restored the iPad to factory settings, then set it up as a new iPad. Updated to OS8.02 by syncing while there were still no apps I've added on it. Once it was updated, I added all of my apps and other content manually. Took most of the evening, but it seems to be working like normal. Probably.

    It's really inexcusable. If we had Microsoft or anyone do the same, folks would be complaining; as the Apple users are.

    I suppose Apple has pretty much destroyed the myth that they are so much better than the PC or open source worlds.

  5. I have The Book of Barkley up at the ITunes store - I'd be happy to refund the purchase price to you (just drop me your address in a "DO NOT POST") if you could go in and see if it's able to download and give me a heads up on it. Everyone else has been buying it on Kindle or the dead tree edition. So I have no idea if it's working for the iPad. Thanks! Brigid

  6. Brigid, if you see this before I find your email address, would you please email me? sigraybeard at gmail dot com